Thefootballidiots X KitLegit

Thefootballidiots X KitLegit

We're thrilled to announce our groundbreaking partnership with KitLegit! This collaboration marks the first of its kind in Norway, and we're incredibly proud of this project. 🤩

Elevating Authenticity Standards

At TheFootballIdiots, we take pride in personally verifying all our kits to ensure that everything we sell is authentic and original from the years we state. Our commitment to authenticity has always been our top priority. 😎

Enhanced Assurance with KitLegit

With KitLegit onboard, we are adding an extra layer of assurance for our customers. KitLegit will authenticate our shirts, providing you with even more confidence in your purchases. Now, every listing from us will include a link to a KitLegit digital certificate of authenticity.

Why This Matters

If you're looking for your next football shirt, our collection is a must-see! With our new partnership, you can be assured that everything you buy from us is, in fact, Legit! 🌟

Explore More

Discover our certification page:

KitLegit Certification

Thank you for your continued support and trust in us. We look forward to bringing you even more authentic football kits with the added assurance of KitLegit!

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