Celebrating an Amazing Summer at Our Shop and Popup at Fiskepiren!

Celebrating an Amazing Summer at Our Shop and Popup at Fiskepiren!

As the summer sun shines bright, we are filled with gratitude and excitement! We've had an incredible season so far, and we owe it all to you – our wonderful visitors. Your support has made our shop and our popup at Fiskepiren in Stavanger a resounding success.


A Summer to Remember

The energy at Fiskepiren has been electric, especially during the group stages of EUROS 2024. The event has brought fans together, creating an atmosphere of unity and celebration. We’ve loved being part of this vibrant community, sharing in the highs and lows of the matches, and cheering alongside you.

Exciting Things on the Horizon

But the excitement doesn't stop there! We have some amazing surprises and events lined up in the near future. To stay in the loop and be the first to know about what's coming, make sure to follow us on our social media channels.

We Value Your Suggestions

Is there something you'd like to see us do in the future? We are more than happy to hear your suggestions and ideas! Your feedback is invaluable in helping us create the best possible experience for everyone. Please feel free to reach out to us on social media or drop by the shop to share your thoughts.

Thank you once again for making this summer so special. Your presence and enthusiasm have made our efforts truly worthwhile. Here’s to more great times ahead!

Stay tuned and see you soon!

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